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Global Mamas: Water Hyacinth Paper

Join Us on a Transformative Journey

Join us as the Mamas walk you through the lifecycle of “the poison flower," transforming invasive water hyacinth into an inventive solution. Learn how we're harvesting this aggressive weed from the Volta River where it damages native aquatic life and use it as the raw material for our new line of natural fiber textile and paper products. This process – and these plants – are changing the lives of communities in Akuse.

Global Mamas: Water Hyacinth Paper

Global Mamas


Join the Global Mamas team to learn how invasive water hyacinth harvested from the Volta River is being used to protect biodiversity, while providing income generating opportunities for local members of the community. This tour will walk you step by step through our process: from the co-ops harvesting weeds from the river, to our team transforming these natural fibers into handcrafted goods ready for market. Learn more about the eco-innovation we've incorporated into every level of our process and how our fair trade model provides opportunity for women to gain financial indepencence and empower themselves. 


Discover how we've developed our line using techniques and tools truly unique to Ghana! Witness how fair trade benefits the environment, producers, and consumers. 


Learn how the fibers from the invasive water hyacinth plant are harvested and sustainably used to make eco-friendly paper.


Tour will focus primarily on our hyacinth line but also incorporates other techniques used by Global Mamas producers at our Akuse location.


  • Where:  Global Mamas offices in Cape Coast and Akuse
  • Who:      Groups of 5 or more
  • When:    Monday - Friday / 9AM to 3PM
  • Length:   2 hours
  • Cost:       $10 per person (or GHS equivalent)
  • Book:      E-mail us or call  +233 (0) 556 615 809