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Global Mamas Batiking Cultural Workshop in Cape Coast, Ghana


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Travel Ghana & Take a Cultural Workshop


Discover the art and beauty of African batik and get a glimpse into the life of a local artisan as you work side-by-side during this four-hour class. You’ll join a Global Mamas’ batiker in her workshop to learn the traditional techniques of batik production – using wax and dye to create colorful patterns – to make your own one-of-a-kind fabric. Afterwards, take your two yards of handiwork home to sew into a finish product that will always have a special place in your home or wardrobe.

Where: Cape Coast
When: Offered every day
Length: 3 hours
Cost: US$16 each for 3+ people, US$18 each for 2 people, US$21 for 1 person

Batiking Workshop


Come and experience African drumming and dancing at its finest in an outdoor classroom on the beach with the most talented drumming and dancing troupe in Cape Coast. This workshop combines powerful rhythms and high-energy dances of Ghana to express Ghanaian culture in its purest form.

You will learn various West African songs, their history and dances, including a traditional song and dance that is performed at funerals and weddings. You’ll also learn how villages use ‘talking drums’ to communicate within the village and between different villages—a technique that is still in use today. This class is engaging and FUN!

Where: Cape Coast
When: Offered every day except Wednesday
Length: 3 hours
Cost: US$11 each for 3+ people, US$13 each for 2 people  (minimum of 2 people)

Drumming and Dancing Workshop


Explore the fragrant and exotic flavors of West African cuisine in Auntie Esi’s kitchen. Esi will introduce you to an array of new tastes and flavors as you learn how to create authentic Ghanaian dishes. Using African cooking techniques, during this workshop you will create traditional dishes like fufu, groundnut soup, fried plantain, palava sauce and red red. After learning the recipes, you will enjoy eating the feast you’ve helped to prepare!

Where: Cape Coast, Central Region
When: Offered every day
Length: 3 hours
Cost: US$11 each for 3+ people, US$14 each for 2 people, US$17 for 1 person

Local Ghanaian Cooking Workshop with Global Mamas in Cape Coast Ghana wearing hand batiked apron


This workshop provides a first-hand look at the ancient tradition of Ghanaian bead making. You’ll join a talented craftsman in his workshop to discover bead making methods from beginning to end. Through hands-on participation, you will learn the process that artists follow, using termite clay, pam kernels, and cassava stalks, to transform recycled glass into beautiful, vibrant beads. Then, you will have an opportunity to choose your own colors and patterns and create beads and a bracelet of your own!

Where: Odumase-Krobo, Eastern Region
When: Offered every day
Length: 3 hours
Cost: US$11 each for 3+ people, US$14 each for 2 people, US$17 for 1 person

Bead Making Workshop


Join Auntie Nana in her salon to learn the cultural history and technical wonders of African head wrapping. Head wrapping has been a part of African culture for centuries and are worn by men and women with pride. You will master an array of Gele head wrapping styles and learn how headwraps identify a woman’s religion, social status and celebrations. Apply your skills to show reverence at your next African event by attending with a perfectly fashioned head wrap.

Where: Cape Coast, Central Region
When: Offered every day
Length: 1 hour
Cost: US$11 each for 3+ people, US$13 each for 2 people, US$16 for 1 person

Global Mamas Cultural Headwrapping Workshop in Cape Coast, Ghana