Batiking & Sewing Center (Cape Coast)

Cape Coast is home to our largest production location and was the first Global Mamas location. It was here that our founding Mamas came together in 2003 to produce the first Global Mamas product line. Today the Cape Coast Global Mamas community comprises nearly 100 independent, women-owned businesses. In Cape Coast our Mamas are batikers and seamstresses who work from their own shops or from their homes.
Hubert Mensah, a Global Mama since 2013

“To me, prosperity means being successful and giving life worth. I will achieve prosperity when I am able to have my own house, cars, and business.” 


Meet Hubert: His friends call him “Huby,” and he is a quality control champion and tour guide at Global Mamas. He first heard about Global Mamas through his aunt, Elizabeth Cato Cudjoe, who is a Global Mama batiker herself. As a quality control champion, he motivates the batikers and seamstresses to submit high quality products, as well as advises and supports them in their production. Since becoming a tour guide at Global Mamas, Hubert has relished learning how to relate to people in different cultures. And he especially loves watching his Mamas achieve their goals.  To Hubert, work “feels more like a family here.” His favorite Global Mamas design is “sailing, ” because of the beautiful colors and pattern. In his free time, he loves going to the beach, watching movies, and listening to “high Life” and Gospel Cools music.