The weavers of Global Mamas are masters of transforming fabric scraps into gorgeous works of art.
Global Mamas
Cecilia Nkoom, Weaver

Cecilia Nkoom is a young, single woman. Since joining Global Mamas, Cecilia has many hopes for her work and future growth of her business. As a member of Global Mamas, Cecilia is excited to start saving money so that she can achieve her dream of starting a new business.

Effie Takyi, Weaver

Since joining Global Mamas, Effie has seen her sewing business grow, supplying her with a better income than her previous work as a farmer. Effie knows that her work is important to her family's future, using her income to pay for her three children's school fees. Since her work with Global Mamas began, Effie has experienced increased productivity by purchasing a sewing machine and she enjoys her additional work as a weaver.

Esi Joyce, Weaver

As a young, single woman, Esi Joyce had an extremely difficult time finding work and supporting herself before joining Global Mamas. Since joining the Global Mamas co-op, Esi is not only earning a daily living, but she is also saving money and investing in herself and her family. Her income from Global Mamas pays for her five siblings' school fees, and she has been able to buy a mobile phone and purchase a sewing machine for increased production. Esi has created a sustainable business that supports her and her dreams.

Florence Aquaye, Weaver

Florence joined Global Mamas in 2009 and enjoys her work as a weaver in Ajumako; she's proud that she is contributing to the mission of Global Mamas.

Grace Aidoo, Weaver

Grace Aidoo joined Globla Mamas in 2009 and is happy to be successfully earning her own living. Once without work, Grace enjoys weaving for Global Mamas in Ajumako; she is becoming a flourishing artisan.

Ophelia Kukwa Arthur, Weaver
Kukwa is one of the youngest Global Mamas and recently learned weaving using batik scraps. She looks at this job as a stepping-stone. Kukwa's ultimate goal is to move into fashion and this job serves as an entry. "I learned a craft: I have been trained... I now can see my future."
Sara York, Weaver

Sara York has been a Global Mama since 2007. As a single parent of four children, Sara's life was difficult before joining Global Mamas and she struggled to provide for her family. Since joining Global Mamas, she is able to take care of her children, and she is also helping her extended family members with financial support. In addition to caring for her family, Sara has invested in her second business, a restaurant and bar, by expanding her drink menu. She also has now purchased a sewing machine and a mobile phone, empowering her to expand her business with Global Mamas even further. Sara's primary goal is to reach a level of financial stability that will enable her to help other women improve their lives.

Sarah Yeboah, Weaver

Sarah Yeboah is a  weaver at the Ajumako Sewing Center and she is one of the newest Global Mamas. Having stayed at home before she began weaving for Global Mamas, she now enjoys her job, especially expressing her creativity through her work.

Selina Afful, Weaver

Selina is a single mother proud to earn a living to support herself and her child. Before joining Global Mamas in 2009, Selina stayed home, unable to find work. Now, Selina is enjoying her work and the life she leads as in independent businesswoman with Global Mamas.